Tuesday, 28 August 2018


I hate to be the bearer of bad news, but unfortunately Summer 2018 is almost ready to depart from us. While we had the hottest summer we've had in a long time, the cold weather seems to be surly creeping in very abruptly during the last week or so. With Autumn just around the corner, it's time to start transitioning our wardrobes to suit the seasons.
I think a lot of style lovers will agree that Autumn/Winter fashion is the best kind of fashion - the layers, the boots, the coats and the cosy-ness all set our stylish hearts on fire.. oh I'm getting excited for the style season ahead just writing that!

In this blog post I've decided to show you how easily you can start transitioning your summer wardrobe into the next season. I adore this polka dot dress from Crave Closet, it's just simply gorgeous and I'm pretty confident it will prove to be a timeless piece season after season. Polka Dots were a big trend for Spring/Summer and there's no sign of them disappearing any time soon, which I certainly won't be complaining about, I adore them!

Add a Jacket - A/W styling is all about the layers, and every year I find myself creating an endless wishlist of jackets and coats. While they're obviously a practical piece of clothing, they also can so simply add interest to a simple look.. they're just the best ok?! I added a trusty faux leather jacket to this dress and draped it over my shoulders because that's what all the fashion people do, right? 

Add Boots - Boots are another thing I am utterly obsessed with, maybe even more so than coats. They are again a practical piece for Autumn/Winter (for the most part) but they are also so chic. I personally prefer pointed toe boots to most others, just as I feel they look more fierce and high fashion. The excitement is real to go hunting for the perfect pair of boots this season.

Add a Belt - A belt is something I like to add to outfits all year round, waist belts are one of my best friends. They add shape in the easiest way to any look, and are an inexpensive way to accesorise.. YAY for belts!

Add a Jumper - another way to layer is by adding a jumper. I think this dress has the most stunning ruffle detail which makes this skirt look just fab. A cropped jumper tucked into a waist belt and you have yourself a whole new A/W outfit. I love the pop of colour against the monochrome polka dot, what do you think?

Get the dress HERE

Until next time,
Love Shóna xo


*thank you Crave Closet for gifting me this stunning dress


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