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So you may or may not know that I have gotten lip fillers, I got them for the first time nearly 6 months ago with Therapie Clinic and you can read all about my first time experience getting them HERE. I decided I wanted to top up my lip fillers recently as I was so happy with my first time results, so that's what I did.

I'd firstly like to just go over my reasons for getting lips fillers, I touched on this in my previous blog post but I'd like to reinstate it as I feel it's important. I choose to get lip fillers as they personally give me a self confidence boost and help enhance a feature that I wasn't quite happy with previously. I do understand that they're not for everyone but they also are something a whole lot of people are interested in hearing more about to help decide whether they want to pursue getting them or not, so the aim of me sharing my experiences is to provide information to those people. I also feel it's important to be so open about the fact I have had lip fillers as I don't want to give the idea that I just woke up with fuller lips one morning, as that just isn't feasible or realistic.

The first time around I went to Therapie's clinic in Galway but this time around I went to their Athlone clinic just as it is closer by to where I am at the moment. I really want to mention how lovely all the staff I came across were, they were all so welcoming and helpful, and the whole vibe was relaxing which is great for anyone who's nervous about getting fillers etc. because I can understand how it would be nerve-wracking the first time you get them, but there really isn't much to be nervous about, trust me. :) 

The Doctor who I was with was so down to earth, she was so understanding of exactly what I wanted and really listened, I wanted pretty similar results to my first time around, which was quite natural looking but wanted to focus more on my upper lip this time as when I smile, it tends to disappear so I just wanted a fuller looking smile and she completely got that.

Two days after treatment

As you can see my lips were quite dry a couple of days after treatment, this happens because your lips are stretched out and also because there is pretty much a barrier between your lip surface, making them harder to naturally moisturize so 'Blistex' will become one of your best friends, it's the best lip moisturizer I've used so I'd definitely recommend it.

Side profile of lips


- Are there any dangers/long term effects? Because the product used naturally breaks down in the body, there are no long term effects, depending on your own body, it can take 2-6 months to break down. That is one of the properties that definitely attracts me to getting fillers as I know if I no longer want them or like them, they will break down and that's them gone. Of course, with anything, there are certain dangers for certain people so you will go through them with the Doctor at Therapie to see if any of those conditions apply to you. For example, treatment is not recommended if you are pregnant or breastfeeding.

Does it hurt? Everyone's pain threshold is different, but I would describe what you feel as more uncomfortable rather than sore, your lips are numbed and the filler itself contains lidocaine which is a local anaesthetic agent to ensure you don't feel the pain. The procedure itself doesn't last very long so if you do feel discomfort, you won't have to feel it for too long. 

Are there any side effects? Temporary side effects related to injections do occur, some of these include swelling, redness, tenderness and bruising. There are isolated reports of small lumps developing at the treatment sites, and irregularities that can last several months. I did experience tenderness for the day after my treatment and bruising, but the bruising healed after 3 days. I also did experience small lumps at the treatment sites but these are beginning to smoothen out.

How much does it cost? you can finding pricing information HERE and you can book a free consultation also for a personalised quote if you wish to get more than 1ml. (I got 1.5ml for reference).

How long do they last? This really does vary from person to person and how quickly your body breaks down the product. I would say mine lasted about 4 months.

lips with product

I have noticed myself actually smiling more since I got lips fillers because as I mentioned my top lip used to disappear when I'd smile which made me hate my smile. I personally prefer my own smile to be that bit fuller. Again I'm just so happy that they're natural looking and not in your face as I just didn't want that look. My Mam even said to me - 'why do you get them when so many people don't even notice you have them?' - and I simply answered with, 'I get them for me'. They make me feel that bit better and that's something that is so so important when getting any procedure like this, make sure it is just for you and not for anyone else.

lips with product
So if you are considering getting lip fillers or just want to learn more about them, I really do hope this post helped. Again, I would recommend Therapie due to their complete professionalism and knowledge if you decide to go ahead with them. If you have any questions at all myself or Therapie Clinic would be happy to try and answer them for you, so don't be shy!

Love  Shóna xo


*This procedure was complimentary but all opinions shared are my own



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