Thursday, 31 May 2018


Oh Summer, my favourite time of year, and we can even say the sun is shining here in Ireland...for now. The summer months always unleash a new level of motivation in me, the brighter and longer days are just good for my soul. I feel like I should be doing and achieving more, so I've decided to put together some of things I want to achieve this summer along with some Summer Holiday looks from PrettyLittleThing. Make sure to let me know which look is your favourite as I'd love to know, and also check out PrettyLittleThings' holiday shop HERE

Firstly I want to build my business. I've been working as a freelance social media manager and marketer the last few months and I felt like it was time to expand so I recently set up 'Sho Marketing', you may have seen so if you follow my social media. My aim is to grow this business over the next few months by taking on more clients and getting my name out there in general. Working as a freelancer is certainly challenging but is a challenge I'm excited to take on and learn from. If you want to check out Sho Marketing and give me a little follow, I'd love you forever.. ;)  
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I've been feeling like I've been in a bit of a rut lately when it came to creating content for my blog and social media. I had so many ideas going through my head, but had no motivation to follow them through. I've been going through the whole 'am I good enough' etc that most of us go through and with that comes comparing my content to others. I had a chat with myself and remembered the importance of creating original content that is simply me, so I'm looking forward to putting more blog posts and social media posts out there over the summer while constantly learning and improving on what works best for me and those of you who read my blog.

I know alot of you may be thinking whaaaat, you need to take more pictures?! Lately I've been taking days off from my camera quite frequently as I've been looking at taking pictures as work rather than simply enjoying the process as I used to. I really do enjoy the art of photography and it's something I want to work on more myself. I want to learn more about it and experiment with it this summer. Apologies in advance to everyone around me that has to wait for me to get the right shot..

Again some of you might be thinking how do you need to share more?..well hear me out. I am lucky enough to get to explore the West of Ireland quite a bit and hopefully will continue to explore it plus more of Ireland throughout the summer. While I do share pictures from these places, I want to get into writing about these experiences more often and in more detail, because we all say it.. it's hard to beat Ireland on a sunny day. I enjoy writing and sharing these experiences but I guess again this comes back to comparing my content. I don't see much others in my niche writing about this so my thinking was, should I bother? To get to the point.. what I'm saying is I want to expand and grow my Travel content as well as my fashion content.

Speaking of my fashion content, I always feel this pressure to have a particular style and stick to it and I've actually written a post on this a while back. I love so much different styles when it comes to fashion, I love playing around with different styles and trying new ones out. I could never describe my own personal style because as I've said before 'Sho Style has no Style'. I do admire people that have a signature style and stick to it, but that's just not me and I guess I've been feeling like if my content isn't uniform then it just isn't good enough, so here's to a summer of style experimentation.


I do hope you enjoyed this post,
Until next time,
Love Shóna xo


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