Saturday, 13 January 2018


If you know me or even if you have read my blog a few times or checked out my Instagram you may know I never wear jewellery so this is certainly a new thing for me. I have never been drawn to jewellery and had no interest in it for the longest time,
so when Argento got in touch I was initially going to say thank you but I don't wear jewellery and that I wouldn't be suitable to work with the brand but the lovely PR girl assured me that the pieces she had in mind would really suit my style so I went with it. I choose the rose gold pieces because I knew if there was any chance of my liking the pieces, the rose gold options would be the safest bet and boy am I happy I did. I don't even know what it is about these pieces but I just feel like they go with my style so well, I absolutely adore them. I especially love layering these two necklaces above, they're definitely my favourite pieces as I feel like they go with casual looks so so well and I'm just picturing them for summer time styling against tanned skin, there's just something I love about rose gold against tanned skin, any one else feel me?

My star curve necklace seems to currently be out of stock but you can check out the silver blue opal version HERE

I honestly think Argento know me better than I know me because to be honest I was a bit unsure about not choosing what products I'd like myself, but oh my god did they get it right! This bangle is super easy to style and so delicate but still makes an impact I feel and isn't the rose gold just stunning? (Yes, I like rose gold..). This again would be perfect for layering but I also like how it looks by itself and I feel it can be worn dressed up and casual. This necklace (below) is so delicate and just perfect for adding a little bling to an outfit, I love how it looks with all black outfits, and tbh I actually can't believe the price of it, it looks so much more expensive to me. 

ARGENTO have given me a discount code for you all, so to get yourself a tasty 20% off on their website just use the code 'SHO20'* - and they currently have a nice sale going on so why not grab yourself an extra 20% off! 
*code excludes Pandora, Olivia Burton and Nomination

Do let me know if you pick anything up! :)

Love Shóna xo



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