Monday, 17 July 2017


A sad fact is that all of us have body issues, we are our own harshest critics and see flaws that everyone else may not neccesarily see. I for one can totally relate to this and can literally pick out something that I don't like about every part of my body and because of that I have previously written about the Importance of Self Love in more depth and you check that out HERE if you wish.

 So I want to share a big step in my journey of self acceptance with you all. Now this may not seem like a big deal to most of you or maybe some of you can relate, but one body part I have never been comfortable with is my legs. I always thought they were too short and 'stumpy' looking, I also gain fat in my legs really easily so this added to my overall dislike of them. I would only wear my legs 'out' on nights out because I could wear heels which made them appear longer and leaner and it would be dark anyways so they would appear better at night. I also used to grow hair really quickly on my legs so having a smooth shave all the time was a massive task, but I actually had laser hair removal which hasn't stopped hair growth but has certainly slowed it down which has certainly helped with making me more comfortable with my legs. (If you want me to speak more about my laser hair removal journey then let me know!) I have simply learned to, I wouldn't say fully accept my legs just yet but I have grown a lot more comfortable with having them on display. I have worn shorts and dresses numerous times this summer and I literally cannot remember the last time I did that during the day time. 

So while I may not be there just yet I certainly am moving in the right direction on my journey of self acceptance!

SHOES - PENNEYS (reduced to just €7)

Love Shóna xo


*playsuit was a gift from Cari's Closet, however, I did choose it myself.


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