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Like any industry, blogging certainly has it's fair share of elements that can make it difficult to move forward and rise to the top and I can definitely notice these struggles are becoming more and more common as blogging grows. Like many, it would, of course, be an absolute dream to one day be able to classify myself as a full time/successful blogger but there are a lot of hurdles I need to continuously jump in order to get anywhere near that status so I just thought I would share a few of those hurdles in this blog post. I know my fellow bloggers will agree with most of them, if not all of them...

1. Facebook/Instagram algorithm
When Facebook/Instagram announced it was introducing a new algorithm which no longer showed posts in chronological order, all of us social media addicts went into meltdown, "whyyyyyyyyy you gotta do dis?!". This latest algorithm has made a lot of business social media accounts (alot of bloggers use business pages, including myself) have a much lower reach than they have numbers of followers so less and less people are actually seeing the posts we upload appear on their timeline, which is a major pain in the ass. The reasoning behind this is that they want us to pay to have our posts promoted in order for people to see them, sneaky move Insta.

2. Saturated Market
Don't get me wrong, I adore seeing how big blogging is becoming and I love discovering new bloggers to follow but this does make it hard to always stand out as there simply are soooo many bloggers now. In a way, it's brilliant as it makes me work that bit harder to make sure I keep on producing content consistently because I simply cannot afford to slip up and fall behind, there really isn't much room for error in such a saturated market because if you don't give a brand what they want then it's very simple for you to be replaced, harsh but true.

3. Gaining a following
Now this point pretty much ties my two previous points together. Of course, it's not all about the numbers, a small very loyal following that really enjoy your content is always going to be more valuable than a large following that doesn't really pass much heed on you. But having said that, if you do want to grow in this industry then your following/reader numbers do need to grow. Thanks to the algorithm that we all hate this does mean fewer people are discovering our social media pages and therefore the followers don't come in as quickly as they would have before the algorithm was modified and then with it being such a saturated market, people are way more picky with what bloggers they follow as there are simply so much to choose from.

4. Do people still enjoy reading blogs?
There are always going to be people that really enjoy reading blogs as that may be just what they are into but we are living in an age where pictures and videos suffice as information sources for people. Many people have Instagram 'blogs' where they solely post updates there and are hugely successful because of it and then, of course, there are the Youtubers which obviously create videos on a variety of topics and again, they are massively successful doing that. Now I do enjoy having my blog and blogging so as long as I enjoy doing it, I will continue to do so but I would actually really love to hear your thoughts on this point in particular, so please do let me know what you think in regards to this.

Outfit Details
While the sun may have gone into hiding for another while, I'm not letting it kill my summer vibe, this pink denim jacket from is the perfect little jacket to bring you through the summer months. Pink denim is becoming a huge trend and I'm only delighted about this because I love love love it! I can't wait to style this jacket with so many looks over the summer and the distressed detail also gets a big thumbs up from me because I always appreciate a little touch of edge.

JEANS - VAVAVOOM (old stock)

Love Shóna xo


*this jacket was gifted by, however, I did pick it out myself and all opinions are my own


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