Sunday, 26 February 2017


While getting hurt emotionally is inevitable in life, I feel like we are living in a generation where the fear of getting hurt is having a huge impact on our relationships both romantic and friendly. Now I know, of course, other generations have been hurt but I can only speak for my generation as I have the personal experience to back it up. 

My past experiences have me left fearing getting close to people and having very little to no ability to trust people and I know this is a very common feeling amongst people these days. 

 So what has changed that has so many of us having these barriers up?

Romance is dead. Simple as that. Obviously, this doesn't apply to everyone but I feel that romantic gestures etc. are very rare these days and when they are shown they are often mocked which leaves people afraid to show any type of affection to another. Then there's people like me that are so shocked when any sort of romantic action is taken towards us that we down play it and discourage it, therefore adding to this vicious circle simply because we're afraid of getting used to being treated like that and catching feelings of any type.

Then we have role models such as the 'Geordie Shore' cast etc. which glamorise the 'player' lifestyle. Now I don't actually have anything against shows such as 'Geordie Shore' or their cast as I see it as a bit of fun but so many young people idoloise this lifestyle and aspire to be 'players' these days rather than seeking committed/romantic relationships of any type. I feel like social media is also a major factor to this player generation as it's so simple to discover new people at the touch of a finger tip and just move on to the next person until you're bored and on you go again. Then there are so many factors that can continue to add to the hurt you are already feeling which makes you terrified to put yourself in a position to ever be hurt again.

I honestly do find it sad that romance is so rare amongst our generation but I have to admit I'm adding to the death of it by avoiding it in the hope that I will protect myself.

While for now I'm happy to be single and focus on myself, I do constantly have this fear in the back of my mind, will I ever be able to trust anyone not to hurt me again? I guess time will tell..


Love Shóna xo



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