Monday, 30 January 2017


Like many people I have big dreams and goals that I wish to fulfil, these are all I think about. My mind is focused on the future constantly. I am always thinking ahead and thinking about what I need to get done to bring me one step closer to 'living the dream'. While it is great to have goals, it is not so great that I am always focused on the future rather than the present. I have been so focused on my future lately that I have forgotten to enjoy and appreciate the 'now'.  I feel many of us are guilty of this and it is something I am determined to change. I want to be in the moment, I want to enjoy the present, I want to appreciate the now. Many of us are so focused on what's to come and what we need to do to get there that we forget to appreciate the moment we are in and I for one certainly feel like I need to appreciate the power of now.

Life is short, appreciate every moment.

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Love Shóna xo



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