Sunday, 20 November 2016


 So just over a week ago I got a full head of Platinum Hair Extensions applied. Now some of you that know me or have followed my blog for a while may be wondering why would I bother with extensions as I have always had very long, thick hair naturally. The reason I choose to go ahead with getting extensions applied is that my natural hair had gotten very dry and dead looking just due to the balyage I currently have and the hi lights I had in my hair before this so I thought extensions would be the perfect option to give my hair some life again.

A couple of days before I got my extensions applied I actually got my hair cut up a little bit and the dead ends removed and also had it thinned out as a trip to the hairdressers was long overdue.

I got my extensions applied in Platinums newest location which is Galway, for any of you wondering where they are located, it is downstairs in the Eyre Square shopping centre (across from JD).

I honestly was a bit unsure how natural the extensions would look once applied as I thought having balyage may make it more difficult to disguise them. However, the girls in Platinum did an unreal job and blended 3 different shades through my hair to make it look completely natural, I honestly can't tell which is my own hair and which is the extensions. The process took about 3 hours in total and was completely pain free for any of you wondering.

Another thing I was a bit weary of prior to getting the extensions applied was would I have to always have my hair styled etc. because I am literally so lazy when it comes to styling my hair like I just cannot be arsed most of the time. So to see how the extensions would cope with minimum effort after my first time washing them I let them dry naturally and they turned out great, they dried with a slight boho wave so the fact that I don't always have to style them really appeals to me.

However, when I do style my hair, it holds the style so well. My own hair used to be so difficult to style as I would spend ages waving/curling it to have it just fall out within an hour or less due to the weight of my hair but now the extensions hold styles for much much longer so my efforts don't go to waste.

The above shampoo and hair brush were recommended by the girls in Platinum. You cannot use Shampoo or Conditioner with any Sulfate, Silicon or Alcohol so I thought it was a wise idea to get this shampoo. The brush is especially made for extensions and has looped bristles so I doesn't pull at the bonds. I'd highly recommend you get this brush if you choose to get extensions as it honestly glides through my hair rather than tugging at it.

Platinume use luxury Italian hair which comes in 27 shades and 22 inch lengths. Their bonds are enriched with 80% ketain to keep the extensions from damaging your natural hair so there's no need to worry about any hair horrors when the time comes to have your extensions removed!

You can find out all you need to know about aftercare, booking an appointment etc. over on

Overall I am definitely so glad I chose to get Platinum extensions, they honestly have given my hair a new lease of life! I'll let you all know how they keep up over the next 3 months on my social media channels so keep an eye out there if your'e interested :)


Love Shóna xo



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