Monday, 8 August 2016


So you may or may not have noticed that I very rarely wear my hair up and the simple reason is that when I wear my hair up it highlights a huge insecurity of mine.  I have very light blonde/white coloured hair along my hair line that are also known as 'baby hairs' , these hairs are so light that when my hair is up it almost looks like I have bald patches especially when the flash of a camera hits my hairline, hence why my hair isn't up in any of my blog posts...until now. Of course I could dye my hair but I don't have the money to be constantly dying my hair especially when my hair grows at the rate it does.

So why am I rambling on about this issue all of a sudden?
Well I have discovered a product to help solve this and it's honestly my hero at the moment. It's a product that's relatively new to the market but I'm sure a lot of you may have come across it already. It is 'L'OREAL magic retouch'. This stuff is such a game changer for me and can also be a great product for those of you that want to cover grey roots in between trips to the salon. Now of course it is only a temporary solution as it does wash out but I will definitely be continuously repurchasing this product!

You can shop the 'LOREAL MAGIC RETOUCH' range HERE

Also how fab is my dress? I am obsessing over the satin trend at the moment, I want my whole wardrobe to be satin! I picked this up on DEPOP for any of you wondering..
You can check out my depop HERE.

Love Shóna xo


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