Tuesday, 19 April 2016

Sporty Spice.

 90% of the time you will find me in comfy, casual clothes as it's my go to style for everyday looks. Therefore, JD Sports is a favourite of mine as it mixes sports wear and fashion so so well. It has all the sports brands I love but always stocks the more fashionable pieces from these brands always. I love how I can wear these pieces working out also as they're super breathable and comfy, I find that having workout gear that looks good always makes working out that little bit easier ;) 

You can shop my Jacket HERE and my Vest HERE.

Love Shóna xo



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  1. What a great pair of running tights. Finding a quality pair of work out clothes that are not between forty and fifty dollars is very hard to come by. Then finding cheaper tights that will hold up for run and run let alone the first ten minutes is even harder.


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